Thursday, October 25, 2012

#56 Red Leopard Scarf + Jeweled Miliary Jacket

 Red Leopard Scarf is a hot item that goes well with a basic tee and skinnies. Kate Moss is one of the top fashion trendsetters who have been caught wearing this must-have leopard print scarf, so you can never go out-of fashion with it. Wear it as your key piece and work around it with simple garments.

Chic silky military jacket with corded cinch tie details at the waist and two snap pocket on the front, left pocket has been jeweled so it adds up the faminin touch on the boyish utility jacket.

Black Jeweled Military Jacket - LAVISHRABBIT 
                Red Leopard Scarf - LAVISHRABBIT
                                 Sunglass- LAVISHRABBIT
            Bracelets & Quilted Large Bag in Rose - LAVISHRABBIT (Coming Soon)

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